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Scrubby's Rooster Non-Abrasive, Long-Lasting Silicone Scrubber

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  • Non-Scratch Abraision, Scrub Brush for Kitchen & Bath
  • Gentle Exfoliator
  • Hair & Lint Remover & More
  • Square Bristle Scouring Action
  • Non-Scratch Abrasion
  • Use dry to Remove Hair & Lint
  • No Odor & Dishwasher Safe
Part#Scrubbys Rooster
Our Part #:SC016
Scrubby’s is a brand-new family of long-lasting, no-odor silicone scrubbers featuring true Non-Scratch Abrasion with Square-Bristle scouring action which is useful in the kitchen, bath and elsewhere. APG created its unique patent pending Square-Bristle technology which provides thorough scouring action on dishes, glasses, pots & pans. Scrubby’s are very useful to prevent scratches on stainless steel, copper and silver.  They also help preserve the seasoning on cast iron cookware.
Scrubby’s uses and benefits are innumerable as reported by users; such as cleaning dishes, glassware, pots & pans, vegetables and fruit.  There is no problem to get lipstick off a wine glass or coffee cup using Scrubby’s.  Still others are using them as a bottle/jar opener & trivet/hot pad.  They make an excellent soap dish and sponge rest which eliminates melting soap syndrome and those nasty sponge mildew odors in the kitchen.  Soap bars last much longer when they are not sitting in water and many find them particularly useful in the shower & bath.  Washing your hands with a Scrubby Duck when it is being used as a soap dish too is extremely handy.  Adults love them for the shower and kids in their bath.  Bathtub rings are no problem for Scrubby’s.      
Many use them for their pet’s bath and brushing their hair.  Scrubby’s can also be used dry to remove hair & lint from clothing, couches and pet cushions. They are easy to grip with a soothing tactile feel.  The Duck and Bear are being used to relieve autism spectrum disorder by parents and teachers alike.  Scrubby’s are also used as a gentle exfoliator.  Kids really love the Duck and Bear and seem to have them with them morning, noon and night.  Using two Scrubby’s together control static cling in the dryer.  Since they have so many uses, Scrubby’s are real money savers.  Scrubby’s are not flimsy like some other products on the market.  They are very durable and will last a long time.  Beta test life spans are more than 1 year.  They can be recycled and are environmentally friendly by eliminating the need to use throw away products and saving you money in the process.  Scrubby’s are not only versatile but dishwasher safe, too
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Scrubby's Rooster Non-Abrasive, Long-Lasting Silicone Scrubber

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